Zika, Mosquito, Dengue

How to Ride Angkot, the Public Transport Found Anywhere in Indonesia?

Posted on 13 Oct 2016

For Jokowi, Implementing His Economic Packages is Extra Challenging

Posted on 03 Oct 2016

Should Indonesia be Brutal in the War Against Drugs?

Posted on 29 Sep 2016

How to Teach Bahasa Indonesia to an Indonesian Child Living Overseas?

Posted on 20 Sep 2016

Should Indonesians Worry about the Zika Virus?

Posted on 16 Sep 2016

How Jakarta Governor Candidates Prepare their Election Campaigns

The three governor-vice governor pairs will be supported by their respective teams for the...
Posted On 23 Oct 2016

House to Agree on Armed Forces’ Role in Combating Terrorism

TNI troops supported the police to hunt notorious terrorist, Santoso, in Central Sulawesi...
Posted On 22 Oct 2016

Get Rid of Illegal Levies, President Pushes Provincial Governors

The practice of illegal levies lead to high-cost economy and reduce competitiveness.
Posted On 21 Oct 2016

Great Jakarta Rat Hunt: Receive Rp 20k for Each Mouse Caught

The movement is suspected to be politically charged as the governor, who is renowned for his...
Posted On 20 Oct 2016

Next Tax Amnesty Target: High-Ranking Officials

For tax amnesty, the government is advised to also target high-ranking government officials and...
Posted On 19 Oct 2016

President Jokowi: Many Problems Yet to Be Resolved

President Jokowi talked about his focus to continue infrastructure development, strengthening...
Posted On 18 Oct 2016
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